[staff photo="" first_name="Jonathan" last_name="Smith" position="CEO & Founder" email="" twitter="#" facebook="" google="" linkedin=""]The founder of the company. Started Epical back in 2006 and is the best CEO you could ever wish. Very nice guy.[/staff]

[staff photo="" first_name="Jennifer" last_name="Doe" position="Web Designer" email="" dribbble="#" flickr="" forrst="#" skype="#"]The only female designer here at the office of Epical. Also the most creative person of the company.[/staff]

[staff photo="" first_name="Roger" last_name="Jefferson" position="Developer" email="" twitter="#" myspace="" vimeo="#" youtube="#"]The nerd of the office. Speaks, eats and drinks HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript. Is our Mario Kart king.[/staff]

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[callout title="We Are Hiring!" caption="Are you a web designer or developer? We have some great job opportunities for you!" button_type="rounded" button_color="standard" button_text="Apply Now" button_icon="suitcase" button_url="#"]

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[staff photo="" first_name="Steven" last_name="Price" position="Project Manager" email="" paypal="" pinterest="#" vimeo="#"]The guy who manages all the contact with our clients. Also the coffee dude.[/staff]

[staff photo="" first_name="Chuck" last_name="Wilson" position="Financial Manager" email="" twitter="#" facebook="" google=""]The guy who takes care of all the bills and salaries. Most funny guy at the office.[/staff]

[staff photo="" first_name="Ann" last_name="Doe" position="Support Manager" twitter="#" flickr="" youtube="#"]The manager of our support service. Likes to play rugby and tennis after work.[/staff]

[staff photo="" first_name="John" last_name="Duff" position="Intern" email="" twitter="#" dribbble="#" vimeo="#"]The intern at the office of Epical. Is a very talented designer and developer.[/staff]

[heading margin_top="30"]Random Facts[/heading]

[fact icon="coffee" number="25"]Average number of cups of coffee we drink per day[/fact]

[fact icon="tablet" number="9"]Number of iPads the team uses here at the office[/fact]

[fact icon="file-alt" number="114"]Documentation pages we wrote for our clients this year[/fact]

[fact icon="trophy" number="6"]Number of awards we have received for our websites[/fact]