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[two_third][heading margin_top="0"]Welcome to Epical[/heading]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque quis nibh vel ligula ultricies varius luctus et dolor. Quisque ultricies erat sed felis consequat semper.

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[heading margin_top="0"]Our Skills[/heading][skillgroup][skill percentage="90"]Web Design[/skill][skill percentage="75"]Graphic Design[/skill][skill percentage="100"]WordPress[/skill][skill percentage="85"]jQuery[/skill][skill percentage="60"]Branding[/skill][/skillgroup]

[heading margin_top="0"]Our Services[/heading]

[service style="small" title="Unlimited Colors" icon="tint"]Use the color picker to change every element of the theme just with one simple click.[/service]

[service style="small" title="Responsive Design" icon="tablet"]Epical is 100% responsive and looks awesome on your tablet and mobile device.[/service]

[service style="small" title="100+ Shortcodes" icon="magic"]With the 100+ shortcodes you can compose complex pages with little effort.[/service]

[service style="small" title="Translation Ready" icon="globe"]The theme has been localized, so you can easily translate it into your own language.[/service]

[service style="small" title="Advanced Admin" icon="cogs"]Customize each detail of the theme without using a single line of code.[/service]

[service style="small" title="Free Support" icon="bullhorn"]We have the best support team in the world. They are kind and don’t bite at all![/service]

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[callout title="Interested in our work?" caption="We have worked with a lot of awesome clients from all around the globe." button_type="square" button_color="standard" button_text="View Portfolio" button_icon="briefcase" button_url="#"]

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[heading margin_top="25"]Skov Management[/heading]

[staff photo="http://skovmanagement.dk/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/staff-image.png" first_name="Knud" last_name="Skov" position="Direktør og Ejer" email="skov@skovmanagement.dk" twitter="#" facebook="http://www.facebook.com" google="http://www.google.com" linkedin="http://www.linkedin.com"]The founder of the company. Started Epical back in 2006 and is the best CEO you could ever wish. Very nice guy.[/staff]